Small to Mini Excavators

If you need a smaller machine for working in those tight areas we can supply from the small and versatile micro digger, perfect for doorways and those hard to get to areas with limited access, we also have 1.5 and 3 ton machines plus the 5 ton machine for those bigger jobs but still being able to work in those tighter areas.

The fleet of these smaller machines are made up with both Bobcat and new JCB machines. Give us a call and we can advise you the best machine for the job.

Spec sheets

Micro Bobcat E10
Bobcat E17 1.5 Ton
Bobcat E19 1.5 Ton
JCB 16C-18Z 1.5 Ton
Bobcat E26 3 Ton
JCB 8025 3 Ton
Bobcat E45 5 Ton
Bobcat E50 5 Ton
JCB 48Z – 55Z 5 Ton

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